Project Description


Fraxinus excelsior

Origin France

Trade name


Main regions of origin

Europe, north and center of France

Character, description

Perfect white wood, pale pink shade, undifferentiated sapwood, very fashionable colour, beautiful finish, stable, tough, very high flexural strength, low sustainability, easy to process, delicate to dry. Excellent wood for decoration and carpentry. Takes on a beautiful golden colour with age. It is sometimes undulate and often deeply veined like olive wood : it is then called ash olive. It is one of our most favoured deciduous hardwoods. The ash tree grows in low-altitude forests as well as on the banks of rivers and stretches of water. It is reputed for its elasticity and shock resistance, often used in the manufacture of tool handles or gymnastics equipment. The wood, which has a coarse and porous texture, has a typical and expressive personality. As its annual growth-rings are clearly separate, its texture is very visible on the tangential plane and distinctive in the grain. The sapwood and the core are white to yellowish or reddish white in shade. White/cream coloured wood – with a lot of veins – slab / grain


Bodywork (trucks, buses), tool handles, ladders, sports equipment, stairs, floors, furniture, skateboards, possible colours, Furniture, interior joinery



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