Project Description


Fagus sylvatica

Origin France

Trade name


Main regions of origin

Europe, all over France, except in the lowlands

Character, description

Perfect wood, light in colour or pale brown, reddish-white and even red-cored, uniform, undifferentiated sapwood, fine and straight patterned grain, fine, uniform texture, lovely finish, low natural durability, good resistance, average quality durability, shortcoming : sometimes difficult to process (splitting, deformation) only average quality for parquet and furniture, above all chairs, high quality veneer, special Normandy and Eastern France quality plywood (sought-after for the export market, especially in China). Its natural colour is pinkish cream, but it is often steamed, which gives it a more uniform, but darker, colour. It is easily recognizable with its brown grain which stands out on its light background. Excellent carpentry wood, above all for chairs. This popular wood for furniture has a flat, almost simple grain. When beech is not steamed, the wood is almost white. Dark, narrow growth rings clearly mark the growth zones and show visually dynamic forms in a tangential plane. Pinkish, creamy-white wood, has a characteristic fine grain.


Interior joinery, furniture


3 /5

Price level