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Bocote wood

Cordia spp.

Origin Mexico

Trade name

Bocote wood

Main regions of origin


Character, description

As there are many different species, Bocote wood is often mixed up with Ziricote construction wood and other woods from Central America. However, it can be found more often than Ziricote. The dark brown wood has impressive, well defined dark stripes which lend surfaces a very decorative aspect. Hence its popularity for knife handles. Lengths vary mostly between 2.0 and 2.7 meters and measure only rarely over three meters. It can easily be processed but the wood has a slight tendency to splinter. Smooth lathed and planed surfaces can easily be obtained. Drying is no problem, however it should be done slowly when dealing with greater thicknesses. Bocote wood easily accepts lacquer and other surface treatments. Gluing is no problem and screwed or nailed joints stand up well to normal use.




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