Project Description

Burr Elm

Ulmus spp.

Origin Europe

Trade name

Burr Elm

Main regions of origin


Character, description

Thanks to its extraordinary colourful grain or its ribboned structure, the European elm, which is becoming scarce, is one of the most decorative of European veneers. The texture of this wood is enhanced, in a radial plane, by mysterious singularities, either in its grain or in its texture. With its typical golden-brown radiant tones, the European elm creates an elegant atmosphere. The elm is a beautiful tree which, unfortunately, has almost disappeared from our landscapes, because of Dutch elm disease (ceratocystis ulmi). A fungus blocks the sapwood vessels, preventing the sap from rising, so drying up the leaves and ultimately killing the tree. We are compensating this lack by importing more and more solid and veneer wood from the USA. The heartwood possesses a lovely reddish-brown honey colour with marked porous zones. It is easily recognizable thanks to its parenchyma in festoons visible on sawn surfaces.


Furniture, Interior joinery



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