Project Description

Fumed eucalyptus of sawn appearance

Eucalyptus spp.

Origin Australia, South America.

Trade name

Fumed eucalyptus of sawn appearance

Main regions of origin

Australia, South America.

Character, description

The eucalyptus is one of the most important species. It grows 20 times faster than the oak. The pores are average to large in size, dispersed and often positioned obliquely. The grain is straight or slightly alternating. The eucalyptus is very difficult to process by hand, but it can be sanded and polished. Eucalyptus is pleasant to fumigate because it contains tannic acid. The acidity is contained in the wood, ammoniac (salmiak) can be used as a base. The reaction of the acid in the wood and the ammoniac base causes a natural dark colouring. Originally reddish-brown wood turning to greyish-black with fumigation. Coarse texture.


Panneaux décoratifs, agencements, mobiliers


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