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Indian Rosewood

Dalbergia latifolia

Origin Asia

Trade name

Indian Rosewood

Main regions of origin


Character, description

The heartwood of this species varies in colour from one log to another. It can go from a yellowish base marked with purplish veins to a very dark brown base marked with black veins. It always has a violet to reddish dominant colour when it has just been processed. Its use by French cabinet makers dates back only to the second half of the XIXth century. The high point of its use was the Art Deco period. It is found again in the fifties. Today it is used in decorative panels and furniture. Character / colour : the two adjectives which describe Indian rosewood veneer are : exclusive and attractive. Like other palisander woods, the veneer presents a striking feathery or ribboned pattern. Its wide range of colours goes from elegant brown to red and violet and even black. The veneer is slightly influenced by the frequent mineral deposits present in the wood.


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