Project Description

Palm tree

Iriartea deltoida

Origin Central and South America

Trade name

Palm tree

Main regions of origin

Central and South America

Character, description

Rather than wood, we should speak of « grass » concerning the palm tree. Indeed, as a monocotyledon, it should be categorized as belonging to that family. It is enough to process it to be convinced. In a mass of non-lignified parenchyma, very much like elderberry marrow, very hard vascular bundles are disseminated. These bundles are plentiful on the periphery of the tree, which means that in the palm tree, the hardness is greater on the outside than in the centre. This « wood » was widely used during the Art deco period to make sawn veneer and walking sticks. Because of the structure of the wood, veneer can be obtained only by sawing. Slicing and peeling techniques are inapplicable with palm wood.


Cabinet making, wall decorations, sculpture, inlay, jewellery, original furniture



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