Project Description


Platanus ssp.

Origine Europe, Moyen-orient, Amérique du Nord.

Trade name

Plane tree

Main regions of origin

Europe, Middle East, North America.

Character, description

A common tree in Europe, its wood was widely used in the XIXth and XXth centuries to make marquetry bases, because it was well adapted, thanks to its grain, to imitating the XVIIIth century ‘tobacco’ base. It must here be understood that these quartered bases were always made with dyed maple. On radial surfaces, this wood, with its striking high, wide striations, produces a decorative appearance which goes far beyond the simple aspect of the texture of the European plane tree. Especially when it is quartered, the striations of the wood are cut in elliptical shapes which create an undulate light and shadowy hues typical of the plane tree. Its orange-brown to light reddish-brown colour gives it an interesting look and a mellow, welcoming appearance.


Furniture, interior joinery



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