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Tectona grandis

Origin Indonesia, Burma, Thailand, Thailand, India.

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Main regions of origin

Indonesia, Burma, Thailand, Thailand, India.

Character, description

Perfect wood, dark yellowish-brown, very differentiated sapwood, patterned, nice finish and scented. Properties : density 900 to 700, excellent natural durability, difficult to process without special tools. Density : 0.65 to 0.80. This wood reputed for its resistance to bad weather, has been and is still used in carpentry and shipbuilding. Its appearance, with its marked veins, has led it to be used in cabinet making for a very long time. Its high point was in the sixties, with the trend in Scandinavian furniture. It is an oily wood, which needs degreasing before gluing.


Interior (parquet flooring) and exterior joinery, luxury veneered joinery, laboratory equipment (because it is acid-resistant), garden furniture, shipbuilding, (planking and decks)



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