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Company manager Philippe ROQUET


I founded Cris Veneer to provide you with the best wood and so doing help you reach excellence.

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A brief history...

For over 150 years, our family has had a passion for fine woods and woodworking, going from forest management to projects in partnership with major and respectable institutions such as the Louvre Museum in Paris.

In the nineteen century, our family business was specialised in joinery, cabinet making and French furniture, using mainly local wood. 

In the 1920s the family business expanded, including now contemporary veneered and inlaid furniture.

In the 1960s we came to master new techniques, using new materials such as laminate, synthetic fabrics and aluminium, allowing us to expand once more and conquer new markets in the woodwork industry and interior decoration. 

In the 1970s our experience and fame enabled us to take a big leap and tackle the national market. 

1985 saw the creation of Interbois by Jean-Claude ROQUET (the father of Cris Veneer’s present owner), a new entity specialised in bespoke industrial joinery.

In the 1990s, Philippe ROQUET, then sales manager for a French company operating in wood veneers, timber and all wood products for interior decoration, was entrusted with the development of the business on an international scale.

In 2012, after 30 years in the veneer industry, Philippe ROQUET’s knowledge and experience enabled him to create his own company, Cris Veneer, specialised in veneers, timber and logs of the very best quality. This company differs from its competitors in that it also uses a wide and varied range of materials such as leather, cork, stone, glass, metal and composites.


We are specialized in veneers, timber and logs of the best European sources.